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Pick and mix is the maiden collection by Sam Hunter. Playful, bold and full of colour. Channel your vibrant inner child. Carefully designed and handcrafted using the finest gemstones and cold enamel - create something truly yours.
All our fine jewellery is made to order, your colour combo will be yours only, never to be replicated. The chromatic linear, dot and signet rings are available to buy directly off the website, whilst the cocktail cabochon, and chunky trio rings are priced upon request to accommodate your stone selection. 


Chunky Trio

The biggest and the baddest. Crisscross flashes with 3 sparkly stones of your choice. The ultimate statement ring. Available in 18ct rose and yellow gold.
Weight: 13gr 
Starting at £3500


Cocktail Cabochon

Let the stone do the talking. Choose your selection of colours, available in 18ct yellow and rose gold as well as platinum. Enquire below for an appointment to choose your sparkling stone. Approximate size of the stone is 2cts-2.5cts (9mm x 7mm)
Weight: 10gr (Gold)
Weight: 12gr (Platinum) 
Starting at £2500


Pick and Mix

Pick & Mix form

Ready to pick and mix?

Would you like to enquire about the Cocktail Cabochon or the Chunky Trio rings? Or are you interested in making custom adjustments to our other Pick and Mix jewellery? Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your request. We will get back to you shortly.

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